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tv   FOX 45 News at 10  FOX  June 5, 2010 10:00pm-10:50pm EDT

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captions provided by: real-time ccosed captioning provided by aptioning company. some progress in hhw to stop the gulf oil leakk what is being done and why the president says he's ot satisfied. storming moving through maryyand tonight. there's a chance for rain once again tomorrow. when that could happen in my skywatch forecast.1 a baltimore landmark shut
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down. why the assington monumeet is off limits to visitors. live ii high-definition from wbff tv in baltimore, his is fox 45 news at 10:00. hello. i'm karen parks. jjff abell is off tonight. an off-duty baltimore city police officer shoots and kills a maa outside a mt. vernon nightclub. myranda stephens is live with moreeon hy authorities are questions >>reporter: city olice officers are required to carry pheir weapons with them at all times, but ii thii case, police are questioning whhther thh officer used good judgment. something the family of the man he fatally shot is questioning too.
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>> he didn't mean ann harm to nobody. that's why this is so ridiculous. >>reporter: police say thee officer shht brown multiple times after brown groped thee officer's female companion. >> e need to figure out why he pulled out his service weapon and fired several shots. >>reporterr police are looking involved. he aid he officer refused to taae a breathalyzer >> if you know you're going to get iitoxicated, you shouldn't be carrying your weapon. >> i'mmstill waiting -- i'm still waiting -- baltimore anddjoined the in marines after high school. he served four years in iraq before coming home in 2005. his brother says serving his
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country was always his dream. >> he went in the service beccuse he wanted to follow >>reporter: he leaves behhnd a wife and two children. >> i had to tell my daughter, you know, this morning, that her ather is gone. that was the hardest thing for me to do. >>reporter: while brown's family wouldn't go in to details, they are pursuing legal action innhopes justice will be served. % headquarterss myranda stephens,
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>> unfortunatell, every season when we have these hot-weather speels, people think it's ggod >> llst night search crews had through the woods to the area where the swimmer went missing. the body of a man wanted foo attempted murder has een reservoir. police say he was
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found loatingginnthe reservoir ii montgomery county. he was wanted bb police for an attack oo a woman lass month near clarkville. police in annapolis are investigating the death of pwo-year old girl. the child's body was found in her bed this morning. an aatopsy is sst for tooorrrw. baltimore's washington monummnt is closeddto visitors tonighhtbecause of safety connerns. an engineerrng study says the balcony at the toopof the tower is in serious need of reppirs. it says mortar is
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the two -- with one lane in eachhdirection. a spokesperson for the maryland transportation authority says the agency hopee to finish the prooect bb july. maryland again tooight. hey, emill. >>reporter: the good ews is a lot of these storms are not severe. in most cases, just some showers out there, as you can see on our hd radar. a few showers popping up west of the areaa a lot of them are falliig apart before they reach baltimore. a few spots did see wet weather tonight. we saw a ceel move through a while ago. not a lot of activity associated wwth that one cell. a little further to the outh now moving over towards the eastern shore we saw wet 3 c1 weather theree heavier downpours with that and lightning strikes as well and back to tte west we're startiig to see showers come in towards 1
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montgomery count ann he that wet wwaaher will be wiih us the shooo it, send it. upload photos and videos to our
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eporter: with the cap lowered over a run-away well, diiturb the seal or the production and capacity. >>reporter: pressdent obama says any aaount of oil from the wwel is too much. >> the president asked me to call him monday orninggand set
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up a meeting to go to washington and see if we can we haven't been able to work out with the coast uard here. >>reporter: florida governor charlie crist eyeballing the oil washing ashore from a helicopter. >> it's hurting us environme environmentally andd economically. -p>>reporter: residents worry i may never be the same. >> he fact it's going to be ruiied, i don't know what i'm going to do. this s who i am and what i live for every dayy. officials say there's a serious chanceethe oil could spew until august when two relief wells are expected to be complete. in venice, louisiana, fox news. more animals along the gulf coast re beinn found covered in oil. as jeff barnd reports, tonight wildlife experts in maryland are watching scenes like this and standing by ready to help. >> it's horrifying.
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>>reporter: barbara howard is theavian collection manager at the marion zoo in north baltimore. a type of bird often found in the gulf of mexico. >> this is basically their first cousin that we would go - guys cousins.
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>> it's a very long, weekly process to take up to 5 or 6 months to get a biid fully able to go back out in to the wild. ittall depenns onnhow badly they'rredamaged when they come in. latest attempt to cap this s massive oil spill will finally work. >> the daaage is dooe, but if we can contain it and hopefully minimize what else haapens, that's going to be our only right now. looking very grimm >>reporter: jeff barnd, fox 45 news at 10:000 straight ahead on fox 45 bired in a shallow ggave.
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-p trouble on the highwwy. whaa stalled traffic on i-95. the fight against skin cancer. the new break hrough that could save 0
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police say they have made another arrest in the death of
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the search is on for a woman wanted for armed robbery. hall is this week's maryland's most wanted and as jeff barnn repoots, police need your hell tracking her down. >> this is hall, wanted on the charge of armed robbery. last january a man invited hall and her female friend over to his home in north baltimore. he
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hundreds of workers at a baltimore county steel mill are in danger of temporarily losing their jobs.. officials say starting july 1st, ii will shut down 30 days becaase of low demand.. 600 workers could be affected. it is owneddby the russian coopann ttat is oong through restructtring, which % includes laying offfworkers. ppople were exercising for a very good cause today. this is a scene in kromwell valley state park, where they were competing to raise money for more stormy wwather
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tomorrow. when we'll get a break in the action coming up in my
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we were nommnated for 20
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>> somethhng i loved and something i built ith my own 1 bear hands. >> i think it should be more >> we had a storm last night. loos of ain. all our holes 31 and trenches were filled up witt water. >> it's been a real headache. it makes the process a llttlee bit longer. today is a
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critical day. >> rain or shine, it's going o go. >> day four is shaping. >> minneapolis, minnesota. >> rhode island. >> california. >> we have other volunteers who wereecoming in university. >> we're going toobe done with the structure today.
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>> can you hand me the outside one? >> welcome to the final day of >> i saw the playground. it was so tight. it's like for 100 people. >> my name is ishmel. i'm ddy, you know what i mean? 3 1 yeah, i know what i mean. >> we're tired, but it's okay bbcause we can tell we're making progress. it's a good tired. it feels like we really accomplished something. >> at theeend of the day, it's so much more than thii playground. it's community. >> as far as i'm concerned, >> it's a place to go. a place to be active. a place to be connected to the community.
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there's not enough of those resourccs anymore. >> we must protect this house. this is ouu house. >> 3, 2, 1. (cceering). >> (laughtee). >> i'm listening to happiness and joy. i knew this would happen shortly after that because we weren't going to let what happened stop us this. ii great. thhs is wonderffl. this is what it's all about. >> and in addition to the story you just saw, fox 45 has won four additional regional emmy abbll and photographer dave larson won for their story. thee won forrthhir story on the making of a marine and jeff abell won for thh story on aa
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eviccion. hat's not all. our newsteam has won ten associate the press aaards, taking home honors for new series, feature, photography, continuing coverage in to reporting, inndefth reporting, weather casting, year-round sports, newscast and best news operation. still ahead, a nine-yearr old boy who is really pulling his weight. the big goal he is shooting for. calling a plummer can get theee is hope for a day without storms. when thaa c
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well, it was a littte gloomy, but all in aal it us there. we have more storms in our forecaat. a few shows up onnthe radar. assyou can see, our hd radar shooing storms not nearly as bad as what they were last night. we're not seeing a whole lot of liggtning strikes with these.
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earlier. we're going to see these storms dissipate. just a few showers and ttunderstorming showing up out there. thissone cell is just about the worst that we've seen so far. a line of storms that did ome through on the eastern shore there as you see quite a bit of vertical uf we've been seeingga line of showers and thundeestorms % wobling around the front there.
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depending on how warm we get. take a look at that. things start to improve bb monday morning as you're headed off to work. you will not need that umbrella. in fact, it will be -pquite a bit more comfortable than where we have been over the past several days. on the in western maryland as well. -p87 degrees just slightly cooler. an uncomfortable day
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success s pretty simple. >> a lot of practice and a lot
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made a major breakthrough in the fight against cancer. scientists say they have found aanexperimental drug that significantly improves survival for someone stricken with melanoma, the deadliest form of the disease. it ittworks by helping the immune system fight ali s. those given the drug
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ali were alive. there were more than 50 infant sleeping deaths last montt. experts ssy there are ttings you can do to protect this from happpning to your child. kathleen cairnn has some helpfulladvice. >>reporter: new parents
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become intrapped in the pillow and ecome ashgs asphyxiated. >> that's unbelievable. i don't think people know that or are aware of that. >>reporter: doctors don't know how many cases of susppcted sudden-infant death might be % caused by accidentall smothering. those deaths, they say, are completely >> in order to keep your child safe, it's far wiser to putt them in their own safe sleeping environment. >> the safess place for a baby to be is in their own crib and on their back and asleep in the same room as the parents. eporter: the crib should not have heavy bumper pads, quilts
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or pillose. fox 45 news at 10:00. solution to clog your dilemma ait could be money down tte drain. we ound out if the turbo snake is a deal or a dud. >>reporter: if water that won't goodown and plumber bills that >> in the ypical home the plumbing is one of the things people don't want to mess with. >>reporter: he says hh sees it every day. in fact, he's seen p whole lot worss. >> i'm removed pairs of underwear. i'm removed syringes, cell phones.
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>>reporter::it s supposed to
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>> if theeparts wwre a little longer, that might make it sturdyyto pull it up. >>reporter: while it seemm to pull up some of the hair, it doesn't pull it all out. for more informmtion on the turbo snake, go to patrice arris, fox 45 news at o
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we have one more day of severe weather potential. tomorrow the ast day of hot weather and humid weather. 88 degrees for that afternoon high. affernoon hunderstorms oncc againn it will all come to an end tomorrow nightt take a look at the pleasant conditions. 79 and 78 are ourr afternoon highs. we'll have overnight lows getting back
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up tonight on "sports unlimited" guthrie shiies. was it enough to get my jon lester, who has never loss to theeo's.. kissing clay. why this yyar's french-open title was so important to one country. we goo


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